the heidelberg project

We were in Detroit a couple weeks back and when our friends told us they were taking us to The Heidelberg Projects, what they described as an outdoor art project, we didn’t really know what to expect but were down to go anyway. Once we got there, I think its safe to say that it wasn’t like anything we had seen before. Far from your ordinary “museum” this was equal parts creepy, fantastic, intriguing and straight up weird. It felt like something out of the Twilight Zone and visually it was super overwhelming — almost impossible to capture the true essence of it all.

After attempting to add few snaps to my Insta-Story I decided that the pictures weren’t doing it justice and made the spontaneous decision to go LIVE for the first time ever because I wanted you all to experience it with me. One of the viewers who tuned in commented saying how much history there was behind the project and after the trip I decided to google the purpose behind it all. After reading more about it here, I learned that this “project” was created as a political protest of the neighborhood’s deterioration due to riots which caused the area to look like a “bomb had went off”. It’s kinda amazing to me that because of this initiative, a neighborhood ridden with violence and a bad reputation has since been transformed into art that now attracts tourists and visitors alike.

So a little about my outfit — it was super cold and I had barely worn my fur coat all season long so in order to dress it down a bit, I paired it with my current fav pink hoodie. The combination worked great in keeping me warm enough to endure the super cold weather and the casual day that we had. And if I’m being honest here, I was 100% feeling the Yeezy-esque vibes of the look.

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