rooftop rendezvous

May 26th marked our fourth wedding anniversary. But because our special day fell on a weekday, Salmaan and I decided that we would keep things lowkey and wait to celebrate over the weekend, little did I know that my sweetheart had a day full of surprises in store for me! I got a call from him around 11:30am telling me that I had five minutes to gather my things because he had ordered an Uber for me and that it would be there to pick me up soon. Thats all he said, followed with a “See you soon!” and hung up. Now I’ll be the first to admit that I normally don’t like surprises (thats the control freak in me) but this, I was just so excited about.

Once I was dropped off at the secret location, Salmaan was waiting for me with the biggest smile on his face and I had the craziest butterflies in my stomach. It was such an amazing feeling and I literally felt like we were dating all over again. He made lunch reservations for us at Cindy’s Rooftop — a place I told him that I had been wanting to try for a while because of the rave reviews about the food and of course the views.

For lunch I ordered the spring vegetable cavatelli which included fava, asparagus, peas, morels in a parmesan broth, topped off with a to-die-for whipped ricotta, basil and mint. Sal ordered the artichoke and comte tartan which was basically an open faced sandwich comprised of artichoke barigoule and parsley dijonnaise on sourdough bread with a side of grilled raddichio salad. Both dishes were insanely refreshing, delicious and filling.

Anytime a restaurant has a mocktail menu, I feel obligated to order a drink since its catered specifically towards people like me who don’t drink alcohol. Since I love anything with mint in it, I ended up getting “the virgin pillar” which was concocted of mallorca melon shrub, mint, lemon, soda and garnished with a candied hibiscus (the flower tasted like a fruit roll up, it was so yummy)! Overall the drink was good but what made it great was the fact that because I told my waiter I was concerned about them using the same shaker as the alcoholic drinks, he made sure that they didn’t use a shaker at all so as to prevent any cross-contamination. It was a sweet gesture that I really appreciated and even tipped extra for.

After we wrapped up lunch we both had to rush back to work because we both had back to back meetings. As if I wasn’t already on cloud nine from our sweet mid-day rendezvous, my sweet man had the loveliest bouquet of flowers delivered to my desk. That was it, the smile on my face wasn’t going ANYWHERE for the rest of the day!!

Red light selfie because I never wanted to forget the moment. I am so incredibly appreciative of this precious man that I am so so so blessed to call my husband. The past four years have been a dream and I can’t wait to see what the next four will bring. Love you four-ever!

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