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Hi lovebugs! One of my most requested posts from you guys is about my hair — how I style it, how I grew it out, and how I take care of it. Truth is, I’m actually pretty lazy when it comes to my hair and don’t pamper it nearly as much as I should, especially when it comes to getting it trimmed regularly (a resolution, perhaps??) But one of the best things that I ever did for my hair was cutting back on the amount of heat that I use on it. I style my hair once a week, twice at the most, and I try to maintain it for as long as I can. My hair routine looks something like this:

Monday: wash and heat style
Tuesday: enjoy second day hair in all its glory
Wednesday: roots will start to get a little oily, dry shampoo to the rescue
Thursday: wash & deep condition my hair and throw it up in a bun
Friday: either my hair will be in a bun again or if I have plans I will wash and repeat the process through Saturday and Sunday

Because I’m trying to cut back on the amount of heat that I use on my hair, its important that the products I use provide long lasting results so I don’t need constant touch ups. I will either use a Hot Tools straightener or this 5-in-1 NuMe styling wand set on my hair that literally creates curls that DO NOT budge — seriously, the curls last until I wash my hair out. In between washes I use a dry shampoo to soak up any traces of oil and I LOVE using this one by Herbal Essences because not only does it get the job done but it also smells amazinggggg!

Aside from heat styling, another thing that I avoid is teasing my hair. It literally makes me cringe when I think about all the breakage that can occur due to teasing your hair — so instead, I opt for products that are created to provide bouncy volume without weighing my hair down. Proganix is a brand that I really love because of all the natural ingredients they use and their volume boosting collection does wonders for my hair. I use the amplifying shampoo followed with the root boosting finishing spray while styling my hair and honestly, I don’t even need to tease my hair — its that good at providing the perfect va-va-voom hair.

And finally, the product that I’ve had for the longest and am utterly obsessed with — SheaMoisture’s coconut and hibiscus curl and style milk. I mean, does that not just sound like a dream?! On days I do not heat style my hair, I will treat my hair to this product. I put about a quarter size amount in my palm and run it through my hair, concentrating specifically on my ends. A little bit of this stuff goes a longg way and it makes me feel like I’m being the nicest person ever to my hair because of how luxurious and soft it leaves my hair feeling. I love that it gets rid of my frizz and even adds shine to my hair but without the crunchy feel or oily look — my must have for heatless styling.

So that is my typical hair styling routine and basically what I do every single week in order to maintain my luscious locks — I hope this helps some of you! What are some of your favorite tips and tricks for a good hair day? Share below, I’d love to read!


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    January 6, 2016 at 4:02 am (2 years ago)

    Loved this


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