deep fried sugary goodness

You know that saying “necessity is the mother of invention”? Well it is SO true and is actually how I came up with the recipe for these makeshift beignet/donut holes. The other night I was craving something deep fried and sweet but I wanted it quick because I didn’t have much patience. So in true Chopped fashion I opened up the fridge to take a look at what I had and a lightbulb went off when I saw that I had canned biscuits. Nothing like warm and fluffy deep fried sugary dough, am I right? The recipe for this is so simple and quick its almost too good to be true.


-oil for frying
-1 can of biscuits, each biscuit cut into 4 pieces

In a deep pan, heat up oil on medium heat — you want to make sure the oil is clean so your biscuits don’t taste like chicken or whatever you deep fried last. While the oil is heating up, combine sugar and cinnamon into a mixing bowl. The ratio of cinnamon to sugar is totally up to you but I really enjoy the taste of cinnamon so I usually put a lot in. Once the oil is hot, drop in the pieces of dough and fry on medium heat until they are golden brown. Be careful the oil isn’t too hot because you want to make sure the insides are fully cooked as well. Once the dough has been deep fried to a golden crisp, take them out of the oil and place them directly into the sugar and cinnamon mixture and toss until they are fully coated. Serve warm with a side of nutella or cookie butter and prepare for your mind to be blown!

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