auda[city] in Paris

When I first opened up this package from Lancome, my jaw literally dropped. I felt like I was a kid in candy store, I was SO freaking excited to open up every single box and take a look at all the pretty colors. From the vibrant Barbie pink blush to the gorgeous neutral eyeshadows in the new Auda[city] in Paris palette I could hardly contain my excitement! But hands down the best part about all of this was my husband’s reaction. He was opening up the boxes faster than I could and even got a little upset when I freaked out and told him not to swatch anything because I needed to take pictures first. haha.

So once I finally got the flat-lay photo out of the way, it was time for swatches! The shades in the eyeshadow palette are so versatile I definitely wanted to share a photo with you all so you could get a better idea of how the colors apply.

From smokey purples to shimmery champagnes, the colors are soo dreamyyy and the palette is amazing for transitioning from day to night looks. I also had the chance to rock the lipsticks and blushes and although I don’t have any pictures of them, BELIEVE me when I say they are simply amazinggggg. I know I’ve only had this stuff for a couple days, but I will definitely 100% be repurchasing is the Lancome “Hypnose Drama” and the “Artliner” Precision Point Eyeliner. The definition that both products give my eyes is just unreal and have already quickly become favorites. I’ve linked the items down below so you can indulge with me! And if you’ve tried any of these products or have different Lancome favorites, please share with me because I’d love to try those as well!

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