concrete jungle

I’ll just start this post by saying New York is always a good idea. There’s never a shortage of things to do and explore which is why every time that I visit, it feels like it’s the very first time. Being the California girl that I am, what I appreciate the most about NYC is how you can just about walk everywhere — because that is so NOT the case in the west coast. By walking, you’re able to absorb so much more of the culture and lifestyle, which is amazing for tourists like me. But because we were on our feet virtually all weekend, my feet started to swell up to the point where even my “comfy” shoes were starting to feel really uncomfortable. By the end all I really wanted was a good foot massage (thanks babe!!) and my fuzzy slippers but if I’m being honest, it was all completely worth it.

such a beautiful day in the city!

washington square arch

wafles & dinges topped with speculoos ice cream… need i say more?

MoMA time!

looking at art and contemplating life, as one usually does.

a table full of delicious.


53rd & 6th, a late night must.

love is telepathic.

stuffed french toast @ the cupping room cafe.

behind the scenes


until next time, NYC!

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