glitter crush

“OoOoh, I love your shoes! They’re so sparkly!” -said every 7 year old girl I’ve encountered in the past month or so. And I can’t blame them, because I was just as mesmerized when I saw these sparkly beauts for the first time myself.. major glitter crush!

fleur de holiday

As I’m working on this post, I’m cuddled up to my little space heater in my jammies and fluffy hello kitty slippers wondering how in the world I was nonchalantly twirling around in a midi skirt given the temps outside.. I mean, I’m cold just looking at these pictures of myself! haha. (more…)

santa fe chili topped with an avocado crema

Once upon a time, in my newlywed days, my husband asked me to make chili for dinner. Now my mother in law who was around when he made this request, offered to make it instead (as I’m sure she sensed I was still a novice of sorts in the kitchen) but my husband declined and boldly stated “No thanks, mom. I really LOVE the way she makes her chili!” Now, usually when your husband prefers a dish you make to his mothers, thats grounds for celebration and excitement. But not for me and definitely not this time.. I was more bewildered than anything else mainly because (more…)


Sipping on hot tea while looking outside my window, I can’t help but notice how beautiful everything looks. Glistening white snow has graced barren tree branches and fallen leaves with its beauty– erasing any trace of fall. It’s evident that winter is here.

weekend neutrals

This past weekend was spent running about a million errands with the hubs– from dealership drop offs and grocery shopping, to hospital visits and a quick mall pitstop somewhere in between all of that, we were literally all over town. Because we would be out and about all day long, I wanted to keep things comfortable and cozy, but still cute– the cute is key because sometimes my “comfy” looks a lot more frumpy than anything else but those are the things you DON’T and hopefully will never see here on TSM, haha.


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