minty fresh

jacket: zara | tshirt: c/o t-shirt policy | jeans: gap | shoes: zara | clutch: f21 | bracelet: hermes

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chic minimalism

cape coat: c/o fashion frenzzie | sweater: target | pants: h&m | shoes: zara | purse: saint laurent | ring: c/o her vanity affair

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savory seven layer taco cupcakes

It’s no secret that I love cupcakes and savory cupcakes are definitely no exception! These mini concoctions are super cute, simple, and pack MAJOR flavor. The best part is, you can fill the baked wonton wrapper with literally anything you’re in the mood for– I’ve been experimenting with various ingredients and so far these savory seven layer taco cupcakes are my favorite.

Begin by spraying your cupcake tray with cooking spray and place a wonton wrapper in each cupcake tin. Bake until the wrappers are a golden brown– this doesn’t take very long so make sure you keep an eye on them during the baking process. Once they are slightly cooled, you have the perfect vessel for whatever delicious fillings you choose. Here’s what I used for my savory seven layer taco cupcakes;

-(well seasoned) ground beef
-black beans
-corn (before layering in the corn and black beans, I combined both and added chopped cilantro and fresh lime juice)
-sour cream

These savory cupcakes are super easy to make and in all honesty I’m convinced that anything “mini” just tastes better given the cuteness factor. Definitely give these a try and if you do use different fillings, I’d love to hear about it! Xo

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daytime luxe

One of the best parts about being back home is getting the chance to catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while. So while meeting up with my beautiful friend (who also happens to be an up and coming photographer) for lunch, we stumbled upon this beautiful mansion turned state historic park.

Beaming with excitement over our newfound treasure and photo opportunity we wasted no time taking pictures. The way the outfit and mansion compliment each other makes me think it was just meant to be and I’m just glad my friend was able to capture it all so beautifully. Talk about sweet serendipity.

Ps. I got bars, Yeezy taught me.

photos by: my lovely friend at imaginize photography

lace trimmed kimono: victoria’s secret | belt: moschino | leather pants: h&m | d’orsay flats: zara | bracelet: hermes

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luck of the irish

Legend has it that wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day makes you invisible to leprechauns that will pinch you if they can see you. Now not that I believe in leprechauns or anything, but if you’ve seen the movie “Leprechaun” (terrible movie, by the way) then you know how creepy those creatures are portrayed to be and I for one would not want them within a 100 mile radius of me.

But anyway, I digress.. I’m totally digging the shape and detailing on this ultra feminine bell skirt that also just so happens to be green. Cheers to finding a four leaf clover today! Xo

jacket: topshop | skirt: anthropologie | tights: cotton on | shoes: zara | clutch: anthropologie

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24 karat

I wore this gold sequin gown for New Years Eve and literally ever since then I’ve been itching to wear it again. This time around, I paired it with a leather jacket to give the glam some edge. Honestly, if I could wear this gown everyday, I most definitely would.

gold sequin gown: bcbg via nordstrom (similar) | biker jacket: zara

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designed to empower

Empowerment can be a wonderful thing. And when an apparel brand is designed to empower its consumer its awesome squared– not only do you look good, but you also feel good. Convey is a company near and dear to my heart because it does exactly that– it empowers its consumers to make a difference in the lives of people around the world who are far less fortunate than we are. With each item sold, Convey donates a portion of all proceeds to various charities. I mean think about that, you’re buying something for yourself and at the same time you’re helping to improve a complete stranger’s living conditions– it really doesn’t get better than that.

Don’t ever underestimate your ability to make a difference because no matter how big or small, it all counts. You just have to start from somewhere and Convey makes it a little easier to do so.

To learn more about Convey and their current projects please visit

jacket: topshop | hoody sweatshirt: Convey | shirt: abercrombie and fitch | beanie:f21 | jeans: target | boots: f21

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hamsa at the horseshoe

I never thought I’d say this, but I’ve grown to love Columbus, Ohio. We’re actually there so often, be it for business or for pleasure, that it almost feels like my second home in the Midwest. And of course, since my husband is OSU alum, no trip to Columbus is ever complete without a visit to campus.

So before heading out to meet with some friends, we made time to go to what’s become my favorite part of campus– their football stadium or “the horseshoe”. Not that I actually care about football or anything but with as many games as I’ve (unwillingly) watched, it’s pretty surreal to see it all in real life. And whether you’re a Buckeye lover or a hater, because lets be honest there is no middle ground, there’s just no denying the incredibly beautiful detailing on the outside of the stadium.

Since we had a casual day ahead of us, I decided to go the comfy but cute route with jeans and a tshirt. This dripping hamsa hand shirt from T-Shirt Policy London has quickly become a favorite– it’s edgy and super unique, especially when compared to my arsenal of plain white tees. Playing on the whole “ethnic” vibe of the tshirt, I decided to rock it with a statement necklace and I absolutely LOVE the two together. What’re your thoughts on the tshirt + statement necklace combo? Love it or hate it?

coat: UO | tshirt: tshirt policy | jeans: h&m | necklace: zara (similar here or here) | shoes: valentino

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valentine’s day roseberry bouquet

With a plethora of pink and red hearts virtually any and everywhere you look, it’s no surprise that this time of year has always been my favorite. More so in the recent past because Valentine’s day also happens to be the same day as my husband’s birthday. With the usual anxiety that comes with wanting to find the perfect gift for both occasions, I always like to do a little something special for my Mother in Law as well– after all, she is the one to thank for bringing that handsome hunk of mine into this world!

A couple weeks ago, my friend sent me a pictorial of this strawberry-rose (or roseberries, as I call them) pinterest project and I knew I absolutely had to try and recreate it. For my first time, I think these turned out quite lovely– and honestly I’m just glad I didn’t have to add another mark to my “failed pinterest project” tally! Turns out my MIL was just as ecstatic to receive her “bouquet” of roseberries.

Attached below is the same pictorial my friend sent me. If you decide to give these roseberries a try, I’d love to see your version! Tag me on instagram @annieswift and/or #thestylemenu. Hope you guys have a love filled weekend! Xo

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bliss & glory

They say, time flies when you’re having a good time and I guess to some extent that’s why my blog has been a virtual ghost town since December. From celebrating New Year’s Eve in Ontario, to soaking up the sun and celebrating my cousin’s wedding in California and then a quick trip to New York literally the day after I arrived in Chicago, its all been a whirlwind! I can’t even wrap my head around the fact that it’s already February– where is the pause button?

The messages I received to “bring back The Style Menu” while I was on my inadvertent hiatus, however, were truly appreciated and made me feel two things; 1. special, because it means that you guys actually missed me and look forward to my posts (awww, group hug anyone?) and 2. guilty for not being consistent with my posts. BUT, I’m back now and at the end of the day thats all that matters right?

coat: zara | sweatshirt: zara | jeans: bebe | shoes: zara | clutch: zara | beanie: UO